If your property has been on the market a while and you have become disheartened with your current estate agent … Perhaps you’ve had few or no viewings? No viewing feedback? No offers? No regular communication? No weekly review? No floorplan? Their photographs do not do your property justice?  The commission fee your agent is charging is expensive? Then here’s how Mi Agent can help …

Has the marketing with your current estate agent gone stale? If you are not receiving much interest from your current estate agent you will benefit from changing estate agents. Mi Agent will RELAUNCH your advertisement with innovation and excitement. You will appear fresh on the market as a brand new ‘ADDED TODAY’ listing again and you will reappear in the Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation property email alerts system (where your property is emailed out to tens of thousands of buyers searching in your area).addedtoday.jpg2. RIGHTMOVE, ZOOPLA, PRIMELOCATION
Is your current estate agent advertising your property on all of these websites? Your prospective buyers journey will start out with a search on their favourite property portal such as Rightmove or Zoopla. Many estate agents do not advertise on both. However recent statistics show that Zoopla is more popular than Rightmove in London and Essex, and the same is true of Rightmove in other uk locations. Therefore unless you are on ALL property portals you will loose out on a significant number of potential buyers. Mi Agent advertise on EVERY leading website.Banner (1)3. EXPERT PROFESSIONAL PROPERTY PHOTOGRAPHY
Is your current estate agent a professional photographer? A picture paints a thousand words. Photographs are your marketing weapon, vital when it comes to the success of selling your property for the best possible price. Our Professional Photography is not your run of the mill estate agency photography. Internal photographs are taken with a DSLR camera with a 10mm wide angle lens. This enables us to capture more of the room in one shot giving the buyer the true impression of the room size. We take an unlimited number of photographs, including three different exposures of the same shot, and spend hours back at the office stitching them all together with a state of the art photo editing software to ensure each shot is perfectly exposed and looks amazing. External photographs need a blue sky backdrop to really stand out. If we are unable to photograph on a sunny day we will digitally insert a blue sky and brighten them up. Click here to claim your FREE Professional Photography Package worth £100

  • Barnmead, Doddinghurst, Essex SOLD £550,000

Is your current estate agent making good use of social media to find you a buyer? Mi Agent regularly share professional links of your property advertisement on hundreds of local facebook groups, twitter, instagram, pinterest, youtube etc. We personally engage with anyone that shows interest, consistently generating new interest in your property (see facebook screen shot below – 49 likes and 34 positive comments, generated 3 viewings from facebook for this property owner).


Has your current estate agent produced a floor plan? These are absolutely essential when it comes to marketing your property properly. Statistics show that properties with floor plans generate 30% more interest, meaning more enquiries and a faster sale at a better price. Buyers want to know the size and the layout of the property before they book a viewing. Room measurements should be in both metric and imperial format to satisfy all generations. Many estate agents do not upload floor plans or room measurements on property listings. Mi Agent include floor plans and measurements.


Has your current estate agent produced a Virtual Video Tour of your property? The rise of technology and the use of the Internet has definitely moved us towards an online visually-based culture. 83% of online home buyers want visuals of some kind and what better way to stimulate them than with one of our Professional Virtual Video Tours.

Are you in regular communication with your estate agent? Communication style is something quite personal to each one of us, but it is becoming increasingly common for the modern day property buyer to avoid speaking on the phone, preferring to hide behind instant messaging services such as iMessage, SMS, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger. Mi Agent have embraced these new preferred methods of communication and made it possible for the entire house selling and buying process to be completed without the need for phone calls. We also give you direct access to your personal estate agent 24/7. Of course, if anyone still prefers to use the good old fashioned telephone then our office phone lines are open 8am-8pm every day.


Does your current estate agent contact you every week to do a marketing review? If we had a £1 for every time that we hear that sellers are not receiving any feedback following viewings or that they have not heard a word from their estate agent since they signed on the dotted line! Mi Agent diarise to contact our sellers weekly to conduct a market review, email a report showing the number of people who have viewed your online advertisement, make proactive suggestions on how we can generate more interest for your property, and to make sure that you are generally happy. We also deliver feedback following EVERY viewing.



Has your current estate agent over-valued your property to win your business? Rather than winning your business by reducing their commission fee, unfortunately an estate agent will often promise that they can sell your property for a higher price than other agents. This is not the case and is the number one reason for properties NOT selling. The result of an estate agents over inflated valuation – no viewings, no offers, no sale for you, stuck on the market for months. Believe it or not, estate agents have absolutely no control over the value of your home. They no more determine today’s market value of a property any more than the weatherman controls the weather. The current market conditions and what a buyer is willing to pay for a property determines the value of your home. A house is never worth more than what a buyer is willing to pay – and that buyer will pay the same price regardless of which estate agent you choose. A good estate agent like Mi Agent knows their real job is to provide you with an honest and accurate valuation based on market research and facts – to show you local comparable properties, what price they have sold for and how long they took to sell. So that together we can come to an agreement on a realistic marketing price.


Is your current estate agent charging you an extortionate commission fee to sell your property? Estate agents charge a percentage of the final agreed sale price plus vat as their fee, usually 1.5%. Therefore if you sell your property for £300,000 you will be likely to pay the estate agent £4,500 plus vat @ 20% = a total of £5400. That’s an awful lot of your hard earned money, and as a good guess we would say that they are probably not doing a lot to justify this fee. Our fee starts from as little as £499 fixed and our service includes all of the above and more as standard.

Mi Agent is dedicated to delivering our sellers an exceptional service, marketing your property at its absolute best, and to getting you SOLD as quickly as possible, for the highest price. And the best part … we charge a really fair commission fee for doing so.

If you need help selling a property and would like to know more about how we can help then book your free no obligation GET ME SOLD consultation by filling out the form below and one of our local agents will be in touch with you.